Square Reader Is Perfect For Trade Shows, Companies Small & Large

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When Square came out with their simple little card reader, it changed the business world. All you had to do was attach it to any smartphone or tablet and you immediate had a very easy, simple, handy and portable way to accept payments with credit cards or debit cards. Since then, the entire industry changed. Many different companies have popped up offering the same type of thing that Square does. And because of that, not only can small business owners expand their business and accept credit cards, but larger businesses can put themselves in different situations and make way more money.

There are also some companies that only put out apps that don’t require any type of hardware to be able to accept payments. One of these apps is called Poynt. This works by just creating an account, and then you can type in the numbers in the card without swiping them. In my opinion, Square is still the best for the job. You can use the hardware for swiping cards, and if something happens to the card reader, you still have the option of doing the job without it at all. You get the best of both worlds.


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This technology is really fantastic not only for small or micro business owners. But if you are a part of a larger company who will be attending trade shows, or maybe you’re a convention vender, this is almost a must. You can rent several tablets at a time and send some people out on foot getting business. If your booth at your convention is really busy, then you are sure to have multiple people working with you to get all of your customers taken care of. Making sure each one of your employees has a tablet on hand capable of accepting card payments could literally double or triple your income for the day in about one third of the time.

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